is going mobile, thanks to the introduction of a new application for Apple device users called Ignite Mobile. Download the app to your computer then sync to your device to begin use. Once you download the new application to your device, you have a host of features in the palm of your hand, including Power Center report access, a mobile viewable business presentation, and best of all, the ability to enroll new Associates directly from your mobile device. Now more than ever, your prospecting opportunities are practically limitless.


  • Works on iPad™, iPhone® and iPod Touch®
  • REAL TIME data updates
  • Quick snapshot summary of activity
  • Detailed downline and personal Associate reports
  • Personal customer listing
  • View/show latest opportunity videos
  • Enroll your new Associate right on the spot
  • Collect credit card and billing information immediately
  • Use the same ID and password you currently use to access your Power Center account

** Ignite Mobile access is available from within your Power Center account.


How do I get the app?
  • Download the Ignite Moblie app to your Itunes account on your computer. Then sync your Iphone or IPod touch to your computer and the app will be placed on your device.
  • You can also download the app directly to your Iphone or IPod touch if you are on a WiFi connection . Go to the App Store on your device, search for Ignite Mobile and dowload it directly to your IPhone or IPod touch.
I have downloaded Ignite Mobile and have tried to login and it says that I am not Provisioned.
In order to use Ignite mobile you will first need to activate it in your Power Center account. Choose the Ignite Mobile tab in the Marketing area and click the "Click here to activate" link. You must also have an active Homesite.
Can I sign up associates with Ignite Mobile?
Yes, enroll new associates right on the spot.
Can I view the business presentation in Spanish?
Yes, the latest opportunity videos are available in Spanish.
Can I view my MEI payments?
Yes, your MEI information is available.
Will Ignite Mobile work on my Blackberry?
No, Ignite Mobile works on iPhone and iPod Touch.
I launch the Ignite Mobile application and it keeps telling me that I have no internet connection.
Check your Network settings. Make sure that you are not in Airplane Mode. Also check to make sure that you have 3G enabled or WiFi Access enabled.
Is there a way to save my password in the Ignite Mobile application?
Yes. In the general settings of your device you will see Ignite Mobile specific settings that you can change. Once you put in a password into these settings your password will be entered in for you automatically and allow you quick access to your account.
I am having issues with one of the reports that I am seeing. Who do I talk to about the report?
Send an email to support with you Username and subject line of: Ignite Mobile - Reporting Issue. In the body of the email include a description of the issue that you are having and what you think that the report should be showing.
What is my login and password?
Use your Power Center login and password.
How much does Ignite Mobile cost?
The Ignite Mobile app is included with a subscription to the Ignite eSuite and can be downloaded at no cost from your mobile app store.
What can I do with an Ignite Mobile?
Get REAL TIME data updates. See a quick snapshot summary of your activity. Review detailed downline and personal Associate reports. Review your personal customer listing. View/show latest opportunity videos. Enroll your new Associate right on the spot! Collect credit card and billing information immediately.
Can I show the business presentation?
Yes, the latest opportunity videos are available.
Can I see my commission information?
Yes, your commission information is available.
Will the Ignite Mobile work on my iPod Touch?
Yes, Ignite Mobile works on iPhone and iPod Touch with WiFi or 3G access.
I have agreed to use Ignite Mobile and it was working but now it is not what is wrong?
Your Homesite access is likely discontinued. Ignite Mobile requires that you have an active Homesite.
How do I change my password?
In your Power Center My Profile click on the Password Manager tab. Fill in current password, new password, and confirmed new password, and submit. This changes your password for your Power Center and iPhone app.
How do I discontinue using Ignite Mobile?
You will need to send an email to and include your username with the subject of: Ignite Mobile - Discontinue Subscription.

Requires iOS 4.0 or iPad OS 3.2 or later. For instructions on how to upgrade your phone please click here.